Breaking Book Boundaries:

Perspectives of the creators, the recipients, and the researchers


New ways of conveying content call for a reconsideration of publishing models.  Previously, publishers were responsible for coming up with new marketable ideas, for ensuring the quality of an author’s work and finally – for marketing, promoting and selling books to readers. Nowadays, publishers face competition from the new players in the market who arrived along with electronic books. Simultaneously, authors have become more independent and may not need a publisher any more. In the extreme case, the publishing chain, once inherent with a team of specialists, is reduced to pressing the button ‘publish’. Technological and cultural changes also influence ways of presenting, sharing and using content.

These changes force the undertaking of an attempt to set new criteria that determines what entities belong to the categories such as: ‘book’, ‘author’, ‘publisher,’ and to develop concepts and terminologies that can be used for describing the newest phenomena. The most urgent questions are: what is the relation between ebooks and other electronic publications; between a publishing house and new players in the book market. All of them, considering their own profile and possibilities, undertake efforts to adapt to changing conditions.

The next important group of questions refers to the reader. To begin, how is reading defined today? Is reading books more valuable than reading other texts? How do new technologies change reading? What is the relationship between the reading culture and alternative ways of experiencing literary work?

Such themes are appealing to many different groups of experts; therefore, we hope this conference will become an opportunity to look at the issues raised by diversified forms of communication and contemporary publishing markets from different perspectives. We invite researchers, authors, publishers, librarians, organizers of cultural life, app developers and creators of other digital products. The academic discussion will be accompanied by presentations of educational mobile publications and e-learning courses to consider the past, present and future of educational materials.